Post-Operative Instructions: Chin Implants/Liposuctions

What to expect

You will wake from surgery with bandages covering your incisions and surrounding your chin. You can shower two days after surgery but do your best to keep the tape dry and clean. The tape and sutures will be removed after 4-5 days. After suture removal, the incision will be taped for the next 2 weeks. If neck liposuction was performed, you will wear a chin strap for the first two weeks after surgery as well. We ask that you wear it pretty much all of the time except for when eating and showering. The third and fourth week after surgery you will tape your own incisions and wear the chin strap when you sleep. We will show you how to tape the incisions appropriately.


  • no excessive bending over or stooping
    • the above increase pressure in the face which can cause bleeding and worsen swelling.
  • no lifting greater than 15 lbs for the first two weeks. Strenuous exercise can be resumed after 5-6 weeks. Light contact sports at 6-8 weeks.
  • avoid the sun completely while bruising is present. You must further protect yourself and minimize sun exposure for the next year after surgery or until scars completely heal.
  • no nicotine or tobacco for two weeks afterwards.

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